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A new chapter for a cornerstone educational institution.






On June 1, 2021 we formally became Midtown High School, transitioning from the name Grady High School. With that came the opportunity to develop a new visual identity & brand— one that merges the strength of our pride and place  with our enduring vision of inclusivity, courage and confidence.  

The Goal

Our goal is to develop a strong visual identity and brand for Midtown High School that becomes a symbol of our pride and representation of who we are. Our goal is for this visual identity to represent our reputation, our personality, our vision, our spirit and our future. It will be authentic and unique. We hope it will inspire us to respect one another as family. It will align the personal connections we have with each other and with our broad communities. It will tell our story of bold traditions, enduring pride and recognized strengths in all we do.

The Assignment

  • Letter from Dr. Bockman

  • The Teams

  • The Stakeholders

  • The Guiding Principles

  • The Process


New Logo & Visual Identity

  • What is a brand?

  • What is a visual identity system?

  • Logo

  • Usage

  • Sample brand guidelines

Process & Usage

Group 1W Presenter-01.png
  • Training Sessions

  • Visual Styleguide

  • Do's & a few Don'ts

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