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Process & Usage

The impact and understanding of the new Midtown High School’s logo and wordmarks depends on proper, consistent use. In order to maintain such consistency, all usage of logos and wordmarks, including the Academic/Spirit, Athletic and all components of each, must conform to the Midtown High School Visual Style Guide. 


All creative utilizing any of the Midtown High School visual identity components must be approved by the Midtown High School Brand Governance Committee. This committee is authorized to ensure that usage of the Midtown High School marks is consistent and within the guidelines provided by Midtown High School and Atlanta Public Schools.

The Visual Styleguide

Midtown High School has a true “visual identity system.” which includes the top level academic marks in a primary horizontal, vertical and extreme horizontal configuration. Department, organization, club and external organization logos are configured in extreme horizontal and vertical formats.  Athletic and spirit marks are configured with primary marks, word marks, chevron/knight and team marks.


Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. Our colors are PMS 201 C Stanford Red and PMS 446 Grey. Vendors should always aim to achieve a visual match to PANTONE® 201 C and PANTONE® 446 C in the PANTONE PLUS SERIES – Coated swatch book. 


Each logo comes in two sets. One set is for print (CYMK). The files in the print set are formatted for EPS, PNG and JPG. The other set is for screens or digital use (RGB). Those files are formatted for EPS (vector), PNG (rasterized), JPG (rasterized) AND SVG (scalable for web). Each set also includes the five colors - full-color, 201C Stanford Red, 446C Grey, black and white. 

The visual identity style guide (v 7.11.2021) includes information on all the logo configurations, formats and our brand colors. It also includes the do’s and don’ts and a helpful visual reference on what type of file to use and where. 

Logo Files & Office Templates

As we begin to use this material, it will be important to use the exact files, which can be downloaded from the Midtown High School Logos and Visual Identity Repository in our Google drive. At this time, only the primary marks are available. We are currently working on updating the department & organization files. Please reach out to a member of the Brand Governance Committee if you would like us to prioritize a mark.


Stationery templates and agenda templates are also available. We will keep you informed as more templates become available. Please reach out to a member of the Brand Governance Committee if you would like us to prioritize the creation of a template set.  

By accessing, browsing and/or downloading these files, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below. For purposes hereof, “you” or “your” shall include yourself, your organization and any entity you represent or on the behalf of which you use any downloaded file. If you do not agree to all these terms and conditions, you may not access, browse and/or download these files.

Usage of Current Marks

Permission is granted to you to use the MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL logos and word marks only under the following terms and conditions:


MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’s logos and word marks are for non commercial use only. Usage of MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’s logos and word marks for commercial sales, individual fundraising or organizational fundraising is strictly prohibited unless otherwise expressed in writing by an authorized agent of MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL.


Word marks and logos may not be used in an ambiguous way as described herein:

  • No word mark and/or logo may be used in any way that suggests that MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL is affiliated with, sponsors, approves or endorses you, your organization, your websites, your products or your services.

  • No word mark and/or logo may be used in any way that mischaracterizes any relationship between you and MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL.

  • Vendors may not use any word marks and/or logos to advertise MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL or its members as clients on industry or vendor websites and promotional pieces without MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’s written permission, and which must be requested in writing.


All MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’s logos are distinctive, designed pieces of graphic artwork, owned by MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. The following usage guidelines must be followed:

  • Do not modify or alter the logos

  • Do not change scale, skew or rotate any logo

  • Do not change the design of any logo

  • Do not change or vary the colors of any logo

  • Avoid screening logos

  • Do not shrink any logo to less than 1 inch in width or height

  • Do not combine a logo with any other design, trademark, graphic, text or other element, including your name, any trademarks or any generic terms

  • No other design, trademark, text, graphic or other element may be placed closer to a Logo without first meeting the clear space requirements found in the MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Brand Guidelines

  • Logos may only be placed on solid backgrounds (preferably white) unless approved by MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, and not over an image or pattern (unless approved by MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL)

  • No artistic effects (such as drop-shadows, gradients or embossing) may be applied

  • No word mark or logo may be used or displayed in any of the following ways:

    • In any manner that, in the sole discretion of MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, discredits MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill

    • In any manner that infringes, dilutes, depreciates the value, or impairs the rights of MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL in the word marks and/or logos

    • In any manner that is false or misleading

    • In connection with any pornography, illegal activities, or other materials that are defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable

    • In any manner that violates the trademarks, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights of others

    • In any manner that violates any law, regulations, or other public policy

    • In any manner as part of a name of a product or service of a company or organization other than MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL


All goodwill generated by the use of any word mark and/or logo inures to the benefit of MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL.


You may not assert rights to any MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL word mark and/or logo whether by trademark registration, common law ownership, domain name registration or anything else.


You must, if requested from MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, provide samples of any materials that include the MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL word marks and/or logos for purposes of determining compliance with this policy


You must make any change(s) to your use of the word marks and/or logos that are requested by MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL


Your download and use of the logos is subject to the MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Terms


Partners who have agreements with MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL must comply with the terms of their agreement in addition to this policy.

Approval Process –

Use for Promotional Material or Merchandise

All creative using the Midtown High School brand elements will require approval from the Midtown High School Brand Governance Committee. This includes marketing materials, digital marketing, and promotional products. Use of the Midtown High School logo and/or wordmarks cannot occur with prior approval. If you are interested in approval, please follow these steps.

1. Request approval using the approval form.


Individual requesting to use the artwork must represent an approved organization within or immediately tied to Midtown High School. Retailers are not permitted to utilize Midtown High School brand identities without written permission, which can be obtained through the Midtown High School Brand Governance Committee.   

The approval form must be filled out completely, along with an art proof from the vendor of the artwork you are requesting, and submitted to the Midtown High School Brand Governance Committee for development.

Please be aware that approval can take up to a week so plan accordingly.


Once approved, production can continue but must not deviate from the artwork and format approved. If you will use the artwork in multiple places, please indicate this on the approval form.  If not approved, a new form must be submitted with any changes and adjustments.

2. Utilize certified vendors for printing and production.


Once approved, only vendors already certified by Midtown High School should be used. This will ensure the proper colors and quality for materials. Approved vendor list available from Ms. Matthews (

Approval Process -

Creation of Logo for New Org or Dept

All officially approved school organizations are required to use an approved Midtown High School logo, including new organizations. If you require a new logo created, please follow these steps.


1. Properly establish the new club/sport/organization and gain approval

All new organizations utilizing the Midtown High School name must be approved by Midtown High School Administration. This requires a defined charter including the club’s purpose, an understanding of the activities for the club, and
regular meetings. Once all of these requirements are validated by the administration, the club may apply for a new logo.

2. Submit Request Form


Complete the logo creation form, including the information requested in the document and submit this, along with administration approval of the club, to the Brand Governance Committee for development.   If your organization is tied to a national or other already established organization, you will need to include their logo in your submission. The logo
should be in .eps or .ai (vector) format and not a screen-shot version.

Please be aware that logo creation can take up to a week so plan accordingly.


3. Follow Midtown High School usage guidelines

Once the new logo is provided, it is not to be altered or distorted in any way, and must continue to follow the visual identity guidelines.

Training Sessions

Additional training will be rolling out for students, teachers, coaches, parents and community members as we continue to develop this program.  Please contact us if you are interested in organizing a training session for your department, organization or business. Thank you! 

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