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New Logo & Visual Identity

Our brand is where
our story takes shape.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A brand “is an intangible asset” that is intended to create “distinctive images and associations in the minds of stakeholders, thereby generating benefit and value.”

  (American Marketing Association)

* The merchandise that appears in this gallery are mockups and were created to show the versatility of the logo system.

Visual identity is a
brand’s visual language.

A visual identity system is the consistent use of logos, colors and typography. Over time, this visual identity — or “look” — becomes associated with the organization, and thereby reinforces its messages and personality.

The implementation of our visual identity will include two distinct, but connected, logos -- one to represent our academic brand and another to represent our athletic/spirit mark.  Connecting to our roots, our colors will remain red and grey and our mascot will remain as the Knight.   While “Knights” traditionally hail from medieval times, Midtown High School’s modern warriors are our present and future cultural leaders inspired by today’s diverse heroes - John R. Lewis, Malala Yousafzai, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Emma Watson, President Jimmy Carter, Stacey Abrams, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Greta Thunberg and Amanda Gorman.  The colors will be refreshed and consistent across all of our communications.

Logo system 201-01.png

The Primary Logo

Strong, robust, dynamic and pragmatic, Midtown High School’s visual language expression starts with an icon and then layers a system of elements that can adapt and evolve for various applications and brand expressions. Through listening sessions with hundreds of students, faculty and staff, Midtown High School’s point of distinction emerged around the concept of “centrality.”  Our institution aptly exhibits this - it is located at the city center, is a meeting point for diverse neighborhoods, and offers the critical lessons that become central to the lives of our students. We proudly connect many perspectives to generate the intersecting views and values that influence our students and community.  The icon artfully reflects the  infinite creativity, illuminations and possibilities that are a hallmark of Midtown High School.   At the crossroad of discovery and ideas, creativity and innovation, scholarship and athleticism, inspiration and achievement lies Midtown High School.

Logo system 201-02.png

Logo: A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies an institution or business.


Icon / Symbol: Icons are graphic representations that help to simplify your message quickly.


Word Mark: Word marks are the typographic treatment of the brand's name where the name becomes the instant identification of the brand.

Lockup: A lock-up is the final form of a logo with all of its elements locked in their relative positions. For the sake of maintaining consistency in all mediums, the lock-up should not be taken apart or altered in any way.

Mascot: A graphical representation of the person, animal, or entity used to symbolize the organization, ie, The “Knight”.

For more information about brand design, please take a minute to view the APS Brand Design presentation

Visual Identity System

Sub-branded logos are an extension of a brand's identity. We use them to identify entities under the master brand umbrella that need their own branding. A number of options for sub-branding are available: department-/school-focused logos when the communication is coming from or promoting a specific department or school, spirit marks for student clubs / organizations and athletics marks.

Midtown High School's Academic Logos

Logo system 201-03.png

Midtown High School's Athletic/Spirit Logos

Logo system 201-04.png

What are some examples of visual identity systems?

Colleges and universities provide good examples of visual identity systems.  High schools are structured in a similar way, so we can use some of these best practices.  See the brand and visual identity guidelines at local high education institutions here:


Does Atlanta Public Schools have brand guidelines?

APS does help to guide schools within the system.  Their website can be found here.

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